About Us

Established in 1990 to serve the home building industry

About the Lake Norman Home Builders Association

The Lake Norman Home Builders Association (LNHBA) members are united to address the many concerns and issues affecting the housing industry in the Lake Norman community. We actively work with the community and local government to develop laws that protect the environment while still providing attractive, affordable communities and homes for the families of the Lake Norman region.

Our membership continues to take an active role in all facets of home construction in the Lake Norman region. With a staff of professionals, the membership is dedicated to providing a wide range of housing choices, including affordable products for the important first-time buyer market and existing homeowners interested in remodeling.

Our Mission

To promote, inspire and safeguard integrity in the building industry for the enrichment of our community.

Owning a new home is an important part of the American Dream. Through our members, we are the provider that meets the new home construction needs of the Lake Norman community. We are the professional home builders, architects, remodelers, suppliers, manufacturers, and sales and marketing professionals in your community who subscribe to a code of ethics. This code includes feeling strongly that homeownership should be in reach of every American; each house should be well designed, constructed, and located in an attractive community; and every home should be built under the free enterprise system.

Quality construction in attractive, affordable communities is important to us because we are your neighbors. We work, play and serve in your communities. Our members are dedicated to preserving the beauty and integrity of the lifestyle of your neighborhood. The proof of the effectiveness of our policies is that the Lake Norman community has experienced 52% growth over the past fifteen years compared to 29% growth statewide.

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